5 Ways to Spend This Valentine’s Day

In the past, Valentine’s Day may have been an overrated holiday, but surely 2020 has taught us that life is unpredictable, and we must cease every opportunity to show our loved ones how much we value and appreciation them. Here’s 5 ways you can feel the love this Valentine’s Day with Pink!

#1 The Cliché – we’ve seen in just about every movie the typical flowers and chocolates you get leading up to the big dinner date, but as cliché as it sounds what better way is there to spend Valentine’s Day? There’s really no better feeling than getting your hair and makeup done, putting on a nice dress, with matching jewelry and a cute pair of heels. To top it off, having on a nice lingerie underneath with a captivating fragrance as you greet your valentine. Surely they’ll be in a trance the entire dinner, and it’ll set the tone for the rest of your evening.  

#2 Self Care is Self-Love – sometimes we get caught up with our everyday life and become overwhelmed by the different roles we play. Whether you are a mother, nurse, teacher etc. it’s easy to become consumed by our job. Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, so spend it alone and have a ‘Self Care Day’. Pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles, put on a face mask and take a long bathe.

#3 – Spending Valentine’s Day with your children is a memory that’ll last a lifetime. As a family, do a fun activity together like making arts and craft while sharing the things you love about each other. Another fun activity is baking special Valentine’s Day cupcakes for dessert after having a family dinner.

#4 True love is rare, a true friend is rarer – with all the restrictions due to Covid, there hasn’t been much time for socializing with friends. Stop by Pink and get a cute outfit for both you and your bestie and take them out to a nice Sunday brunch.

#5 A token – Due to the pandemic, not everyone we love, we can spend our Valentine’s Day with, so sometimes is easier to just give them a gift to show your appreciation. You can shop small gift items from Pink Boutique and depending on the amount spent, we can do the wrapping for you. Another easy gift for your loved one is, simply purchasing a gift certificate for them so that they can shop at their convenience.     

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